Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sing A Long

August 6, 2010

After Leightyn had been moved to the new room, there was at least one person with her at all times. We all stood around her bed, talking to her, rubbing her legs, and were constantly praying for a miracle. Landen and I began to pray for two things. If God wanted to take Leightyn home, we wanted her to go quickly and without pain. We also asked that our grandparents meet her at Heaven's gates so she wouldn't be scared. Our other prayer was that if God allowed her to stay here with us, we wanted her to be with us 100 percent. We wanted the Leightyn we knew and loved. We wanted her home with us loving life...not in a facility.
I will never forget that Friday evening. I remember the exact time. It was 11:24pm. I was the only one in the room with Leightyn. As I stood by her bed crying and begging God for a miracle, I decided to start singing to Lei. I went through our usual bedtime songs: Jesus Loves Me, The BIBLE, Jesus Loves the Little Children, Thankful Heart, and God Is Bigger Than The Boogie Man. During one of the songs, I noticed a little flinch. I thought my eyes were playing games and continued to sing. Lloyd walked in some minutes later and he sang with me. Lloyd also noticed a flinch. Janna and Amanda came to check on us and quickly joined in with the sing a long. We noticed that as we rubbed her sides, she would flinch and draw her shoulder in close to her side. This got me very very excited. I knew she was going to wake up at any moment and would start singing with us.
Within a matter of minutes, the nurse came to check on Leightyn's movement. She "tickled" Leightyn to watch her movement and checked her pupils. I never forget her response "Whatever you do, don't stop singing.....I'm going to get the DR". This really got me excited. All of the family member and friends joined us in the room. There were 20-25 of us standing around the bed singing every song we could think of. The faster the song, the more Leightyn responded. We sang Father Abraham, The Lord's Army, Jingle Bells, Deep and Wide, This Little Light of Mine, and many more.
Sometime during the singing, we were so loud that they had to close Leightyn's door and the door that led to the hallway. Nurse after nurse came to see what was going on in the room. Some sat in the hallway and sang with us. Leightyn's head nurse sat at her desk working, with tears streaming down her face, singing right along with us. I ran to the bathroom and could hear the group singing in the waiting area. There was a guy in the waiting area wanting to know who was singing. He said that he couldn't believe we were singing in the midst of our troubles. I told Landen right there that if nothing else happened , our family was a witness and a testimony to the nurses and people in the waiting area.

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