Sunday, August 29, 2010

Letter From Daddy

Dear Lei Lei,

I cant believe that it is going on one month! One month since I saw you, one month since I heard your sweet voice, one month since we chased each other around the house, one month since i tickled you, one month since i had a kiss, one month since i heard your laugh, one month since i saw your smile, one month since you rolled your eyes at me, one month since i heard "let me pick out", one month since i came home from work a got a hug, one month since you would sit outside with me in the mornings, one month since my heart has been broken, one month since our family has been complete, one month since our lives were changed forever. Words cant even begin to express how much i miss having you around. I seem so lost at times. There are times when i just cant believe that you are gone. Me and mommy are trying our best to keep in good spirits, and we want so badly for people to remember you and keep your memory alive. We took Mylea to the fair and it broke my heart not seeing you riding the rides with her. I know that you loved going to the fair. We see Sara riding her bike outside and I cant help but to think of you everytime. how much you loved riding your bike on the road. you thought you were sooo big. We sang Jesus Loves Me this morning at church, and it was tough. I loved listening to you sing songs at bedtime. I sit and think about the stories that you would have told us about school and all of the things you would have learned, and friends you would have made. I wish I could have taken it all away, but I know it wasn't part of His will. I know it is all part of His bigger and perfect plan, but it is still hard, and sometimes i truly don't completely understand, but i still trust Him. You wouldn't believe the impact that your little life has made on people in this city, in this state and across the nation (i would like to think). I never truly understood how blessed i was to have you as my daughter, and i am sorry. I love you so much. I heard a song last night that said "I cant wait to see your smiling face, I cant wait to see you and your sister play, i cant wait to see you dance ....... but I just have to wait"

Oh Lei, i cant wait to see you again.

Love You.

CUWIGT! (C U When I Get There)


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