Thursday, May 17, 2012

Race Day Pictures

In my last post, I mentioned that I couldn't find several pictures that I took on race day. Well, I found them!!!! On my mom's camera. Apparently I grabbed the wrong camera in the mist of registration. So, below is a picture overload but I just had to share them!

 Must say that this picture was a perfect shot of reality that morning. Mylea was tired and wanted to play with her friends. She was not at all interested in a family shot. Landen was on the phone trying to give directions to the location. Landry was trying to fall asleep. Oh well....maybe next year we can get a good picture!
 Uncle Bill and Ms. Debbie......adopted grandparents to the girls
The church girls getting some time with Landry Lei.
 A group shot of the cousins. I tried to get them all together but they were more interested in playing.
 The greatest Bible study leader and listening ear ever!!
 Neighbors and friends
I am so thankful to have this next picture! In this picture we have Janice and Larry, then Landen, and finally Jill and Brad. These amazing people have helped us so much in our journey.

 Brad and Jill lost their daughter Hannah in 2009 after a battle with brain cancer. Hannah had prayed and asked God to bring a storm in to her life so that her testimony would bring glory to God. Click here to read about Hannah. Brad and Jill started the faith-based ministry While We're Waiting to help parents  through the process of knowing that it is ok to continue to live life to the fullest until we are reunited with our children one glorious day. I love the following sentences from the While We're Waiting site. "None of us know how many more years we have on this earth before we are reunited with our children in Heaven.  So, our main focus at these events will be discussing how we’re going to live while we’re waiting for that glorious reunion.  We believe that we honor our children and our Lord the most through our healing, and we will be seeking to begin or continue that healing process through these weekend." I would highly recommend the retreat, moms day, or dads weekend to any parent who has lost a child.

Janice and Larry lost their son Adam in 2010. Adam has an incredible story! Adam was a member of the elite SEAL Team Six (the counter terrorism unit that took down Osama bin Laden). Adam was a true testament to the verse "greater love has no man than this, to lay down his life for his friends". Adam gave up his life so that his team could escape a deadly attack. WOW!! In fact, there is a book that will be released in a few weeks that tells all about Adam's life. Check out Fearless. Landen and I can't wait to read it. Better yet, check out this video

 Sweet Steph from the moms group

College Buddies....all grown up!