Monday, August 23, 2010

Nothing Normal About This Evening

August 10, 2010

Gut Wrenching Tears
Elevator Music
Quiet Conversations

Those are the words that I would use to describe a visitation.

Constant Line
Sharing Memories
Praise and Worship Songs
Up Lifting

These are the words that I would use to describe Leightyn's visitation.

Visitation was scheduled from 5-8 pm at the Edwards Funeral Home Chapel. People started showing up at 4:45. There was a constant line out the chapel doors until 7:50. Several times that evening, the line was outside the building waiting to come in.

Talk about overwhelming!

All of these people came to see my sweet Leightyn. All of these people came to encourage us. To share memories with us. To pray to us. To tell how Leightyn's story has changed them.

There were people there that I (or the family) had never met. A couple (whom we had never met) drove down from Rogers...just to give me a hug. WOW!

Groups of people came to see us. My old teaching buddies were there. The majority of this group is no longer at the same school. But yet, there there together for me. My awesome mops mommas were there. They came to laugh, cry, and encourage me. Our church group was there. They offered their shoulder to cry on and promises of continuing prayers.

I remember how I was drawn to Leightyn. I just couldn't take my eyes off her. I spent the entire evening next to her little body talking to people. Listening to their words. To their stories.

I heard stories of how families had gotten closer. Stories of parents who learned to be there for their kids more. Stories of moms who thought their playgroup was over. Only to find out that God provided for this more ways than every expected. Stories of hurt relationships now moving on....together.

This was not a usual visitation.

I remember when the evening was over. People were still there and we finally had to clear out the room so the funeral home could close. As we looked at the guest books, I realized how many people had been there for us. Two guest books were filled up with names from that evening. We would need to add more pages for the funeral. I was speechless.

My Lei Babe.....she touched so many people.

Her last 24 hours here on earth, changes lives and hearts forever!

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