Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Please Pray

This blog was sent to me today from a friend who thought of Leightyn the entire time she read it. Please take a minute to pray for this family and sweet Stella. Stella is almost three. At the end of June, her family was told that Stella had an aggressive brain tumor wrapped around her brain stem. The tumor is fatal. Nothing medically can be done to remove the tumor. Medicine and treatment can prolong Stella's life, but will not save her. The family has decided to bring Stella home and let her live her life to the fullest until the tumor wins the battle.

Their situation reminds me so much of Leightyn. Stella was healthy. She has a brainstem glioma. This is usually detected in kids around the age of 5. Symptoms for this tumor include headaches and throwing up.

I can't imagine the pain this family is going through just wondering what day will be their last with Stella. To know that your daughter is here and one day the tumor will win. They recently returned from a vacation to Sesame Street Land. They are living out their life to the fullest and making many memories with little Stella.

Here is a summary of the beginning of their journey from June. Please take a minute and say a prayer for this family!

Stella was diagnosed with brainstem glioma. This is an aggressive tumor that has wrapped around her brainstem. Stella’s parents and family have had numerous consultations with some of the best doctors in the world about Stella’s health and care. The tumor is inoperable, and also is widely regarded as being untreatable through chemotherapy or radiation. Such methods will most likely only prolong her life for a short time but will have a negative impact on the quality of life. Above all else Aimee and Michi

are dedicated to the quality of Stella’s life and so have chosen not to pursue any harsh and largely ineffective treatments.

A little over a week ago Aimee and Michi noticed that Stella was having some balance issues and some difficulty walking. Last week they followed up with two doctors, and an ear infection was suspected. On Friday June 24th Michi and Aimee took Stella in to Sick Children’s Hospital because of its excellent diagnostic care. In the early hours of Saturday they got the devastating news that it was a brain tumor. A few hours later, they learned it was fatal.

Two of the things that have presented differently are firstly, Stella’s young age. Most children with this tumor do not present symptoms till they are five or six, whereas Stella has just turned two. Secondly, there is usually a great deal of vomiting as a symptom, but Stella has not displayed that either. Because of this several departments are meeting to discuss Stella’s case and on Monday will meet with Michi and Aimee to talk to them about their findings and whether there or not they feel the tumor should be biopsied. With the information that is presented Stella’s mommies will weigh their options and decide what is in her best interests.