Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"Always Sunny In Here"

I know this blog is out of order, but I couldn't wait to tell the carmex story and now this story. I will try to get back in order tomorrow.

August 3, 2010

Leightyn asked to do schoolwork while Mylea was napping. Usually schoolwork is done in a certain order (numbers, letters, name, reading new words, and then cutting or crafts). This Tuesday, she really wanted to work on her cutting and that was all. She found her cutting book and then picked out a sun.

She quickly brought it to me when she finished. I was impressed with her straight lines and that the paper was not torn. This was (without a doubt) the best cutting project she had ever done.
Leightyn couldn't wait for her daddy to get home so she could show off her work.
When Landen walked in the door, Leightyn quickly grabbed her sun and went straight to daddy. She asked Landen if she could tape it to the fan in the living room. I said "to the fan" and Leightyn replied "Then it will always be sunny in here". We got some tape and taped the sun to the fan cord. She was excited to see her sun hanging in the "sky".

"Always Sunny In Here".....
Three days after the sun was hung, Leightyn went home to her Heavenly Father. As we sit in disbelief, stunned, and in tears....there is the sun...still shining.
No matter how much we hurt. No matter how heartbroken we are. No matter the emotions we are going through......
Leightyn wanted it to "always be sunny".


  1. Wow the profound messages from the innocent heart of a child! Only God could do that. :)
    Love it! Leightyn let the "SON" shine in!

  2. IT's a great present your Lei Lei gives you. She will always be your sun.
    Kisses from Italy.

  3. I didn't read this until after we got home from the library yesterday. Thought it was funny that we were just talking about using scissors! I need to find my cutting books for Vivi. Hope you have a great weekend!