Sunday, May 5, 2013

3rd Annual Lei Lei's5k Run and Memory Walk

We did it!!!!

Yesterday was our 3rd Annual Lei Lei's 5k Run and Memory walk. The weather was cold and wet but a great crowd showed up. I didn't get a chance to estimate yesterdays attendance but many people showed up....more that I would have ever imagined in the nasty weather.

The race began with Landen saying a few "thank you's" to our many sponsors. We held a m,moment of silence for those who have and still are fighting cancer. Bro. Mike led in prayer before the starting bullet was shot.

This year, was our biggest race to date. Every year it keeps growing! We had around 220 registered in the 5k and 180 signed up for the mile walk. With the help of all of these registrants, and our wonderful sponsors, we were able to raise over $14,000 for the American Cancer Society.

Now to take a few weeks off before we start thinking about next years race.

Click HERE to see a few photos from yesterday.

I must make time to get back to this blog. I have so many wonderful things to share. In fact, since I last wrote, we have added to our family again. Yep, you read that correct, we have been blessed with another baby!!! More updates and detail coming soon.....I promise!