Monday, August 16, 2010

Getting Right With God......In A Hospital????

August 7, 2010
After Landen and I made the decision to let Leightyn go on to Heaven, we held a meeting to let our families know our decision. At first the meeting was only going to be us and our parents. At the last minute, we let all of our friends and family members sit in with us.
I will never forget the feeling I got standing in front of the room. Meeting like this should be held to share good news.....not news that your daughter is gone. Landen started by thanking every one for being here and for supporting us that last 24 hours. He then told everyone that we had decided that Leightyn wasn't with us and that it was time to let her go. We wanted to get home to Mylea. Since the Dr told us that the blood dye test was abnormal and he believed the next two 12 steps test would be abnormal, we had decided not to complete the 12 step test in six hours and in twelve hours. We wanted Leightyn to be an organ donor. In our minds, we could see a little blond hair blue eyes girl somewhere needed an organ to live. If we couldn't have our girl back, we wanted another family to have a chance at life. We even hoped that there was a child right there in Children's who was waiting on an organ.
After we made our announcement, there were tears ....tears....and more tears. Our baby really was gone. We would no longer be a family of 4. Mylea would no longer have her playmate. Instead of our baby starting school, we would be planning her funeral.
We believe that God could have done a complete miracle on Leightyn. We believe that he could have healed her completely. However, it wasn't His will. God gave us 5 years with Leightyn and now He was ready to have her home. We still believed that there would be a miracle...we just had to wait to see the big picture.
As we all sat in the room, lost in our thoughts, Landen's cousin (Wendy) spoke up. Wendy told every one that the last 24 hours had inspired her to do better. She wanted to be a better witness and to have more faith.
Unlce WeWe (William) stood and talked about how he was inspired by faith. He was inspired that we had given this all to God and were trusting in God.
Next thing I know, I hear "Amazing Grace". Lloyd K started singing ande every one else joined in. We had prayer (several prayers) that God would keep us strong and that God would use Leightyn to change heart and lives.

God answers prayer!!!!

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  1. Well the bible does say,"and a child shall lead them." Looks like He was using the situation and your precious Leightyn to do just that. Many thoughts and prayers continue to be with you and your family! Thank you so much for sharing Leightyn's lifesong. I pray that your wonderful memories bring you peace and you know that she is definately smiling down on you once again.