Monday, August 30, 2010

Faith of a Child

I am still working on Leightyn's service blog....but I had to share this email I received this weekend. Leightyn, Mylea, and I are part of an amazing MOPS group. We have weekly playdates during the summer. This past Wednesday we played at the park. This email is from a MOPS Momma. As I read it, I could picture these two sweet girls in the swing.

So I didn't tell you this on Wednesday, and I wasn't sure whether to or not, but I feel like you would want to hear it. While we were at the park, Heidi and Vivi were swinging next to each other and I was pushing both of them, and
Vivi turned to Heidi and said, "You know our friend Leightyn?"
Heidi said, "Yep, I miss her"
Vivi, "I miss her too but she lives with Jesus now."
Heidi, "Yep, and we will play with her when we are old"
Vivi, "She likes living with Jesus, do you want to slide?"

And then they were off. It was the sweetest conversation, and the faith of a child is truly amazing.

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