Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lei's Legacy

I know that Leightyn's Lifesong Sings and that God has used her life and our Storm to reach others. It's still tough, and I wish everyday that there could have been another way. However, it is when I actually get to hear the stories and read it in an email, that it helps me to understand a little more why us, why Leightyn. It's through these stories that God shows us some of the why, and how through it all He has been and will continued to be glorified. With that being said here is and email that I recieved:

"Hey man, I haven't talked to you in a bit. ..... ...... Buddy, I only met Leightyn once but God
has used her and your family in such a huge way in my life. God has opened my eyes to LIFE.
I was just 'getting by'. He was working in me before, but Leightyn was the catalyst for change.
Now He is transforming me. No doubt I still take things for granted, but I'm conscious of it
now. He speaks to me because I spend time with him. I see things in a different light. I'm
TRULY in love with my savior! I'm still praying for y'all and thanking God for you all. The
blog is a blessing. I say all of that to say that I love you and your family is constantly on my

"Wow, all I can say after reading that is THANKS. It is stories like yours that helps me to see
why God chose our little Leightyn. It still hurts, but at the same times makes it a little more
justifiable (if that makes sense). We are truly honored that God has used Lei and our family
for His glory and to bring true change to people's lives. I dont pretend to be as close to God as
I should, or would like to be, but I know that God is working in us and through us. Thank you!
Thank you for sharing how God has changed you. ..... ......Thank you for allowing God to
transform you and use you. Thank you for the prayers. Thank you for the thoughts. Thank
you for your love. Know that we love you to. Hug your wife and kids for me. Pray that God
will continue to use Leightyn's Lifesong and our story to reach others, and most fo all for His
glory. God Bless you my friend. Love You."

We love hearing these stories. Of how people have been genuinely changed. Of how our mighty God has used our precious angel's homegoing for His good. It just goes to show that through the pain, tears, and grief that God is still moving. Keep the stories comming! Keep the prayers comming! Thank you all.

Leightyn's Daddy


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  1. I just wanted you both to know that I have stumbled upon your blog today and already feel like I will never be the same. As a mom, I cannot imagine the pain and misery that you both must feel at times. I admire beyond words your ability and desire and flat out determination to glorify God during this time. I will most definitely add you all to my prayers. Thank you for telling your story.