Monday, October 18, 2010

God's Still Working

Just wanted to share part of the Rye Hill Baptist Church October newsletter.

October, 2010

There is not a week go by that someone in our church doesn’t stop me and tell me what a blessing it is to see God moving in our church in such a mighty way. To see God’s children so happy in Jesus truly brings a smile on my face and joy to my heart. This past Sunday was a perfect example of how God’s presence is in our church. From the very first song, you could sense that God was going to do something special. During our time of decisions, two families joined our church fellowship. In talking with one of the families afterwards, they told me that the first time they came to our church that they knew that God’s Holy Spirit was here and that they would join our church. We also had a first time guest rededicate his life to Christ and give a testimony of how God brought him to our church and that the sermon was just for him. The other family that joined told me that it was time to come home. Praise God, this is what church is suppose to be like! A place where you are accepted, loved, taught the Word of God and are able to Worship with other believers in truth and in spirit. I pray that revival will continue in our church and that we will never take for granted the power of the Holy Spirit moving in the lives of our people and His church. To see the tears at the altar and everyone hugging each other is a testimony of the unity and love in our Church. Sunday night we had one of the sweetest testimony services that we have seen since we have been here. People were just thanking and praising God for what he has been doing here the last few months. Just a week ago we had 163 in Sunday School and 252 in Worship. We had the wonderful blessing of making a building payment last month of $31,505.33 because of a precious little girl named Leightyn. This brings our building balance down to $158,116.02 which is such a small amount from the $700,000.00 we started with just 6 and one half years ago. I could go on and on but time and space would not hold the many stories of how God is changing the hearts and lives of His people. To God be the Glory!

Our Ladies Sunday School classes and our Women’s Ministries have come up with a really neat idea of how we can keep the memory of Leightyn alive. Leightyn touched so many hearts and was such a part of our church that I feel like this is a great cause that our whole church could participate in. They want us to consider putting a memorial outside our building in the form of a prayer bench, called “Leightyn’s Prayer Bench.” They would also suggest we put the verse Luke 18:16 on it. Our youth have even said that they would like to plant a sycamore tree beside the bench. Somewhere also would be the words, “What a difference one beautiful little life made.” The cost of this prayer bench will be right at $1,500.00. With the churches approval, we will take a free will offering on Sunday October 24, to help the Women’s Ministry purchase this prayer bench in Leightyn’s honor. This bench would be in a place where anyone could go and pray at any time of the day. Please continue to pray for the Holmes family and the loss of little Leightyn.

I was shocked when I read the newsletter. I had no idea that the Women's Ministry wanted to do a prayer bench or that the youth wanted to plant a tree. A few hours later, Bro Mike posted on facebook that he received a call saying a couple in our church wanted to pay for the prayer amazing is that!!!!!

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