Friday, November 5, 2010

Little Stinker!!!!

Oh Lei Lei.....

What a little stinker you are!!!!!

Do you remember your last trip to Chuck E Cheese?
That would be the trip where you had fun teasing Mylea that "ChuckE was going to get her" or " comes ChuckE". Today, Jo took Mylea to Chuck E Cheese while I went to the eye Dr. Well....Guess what! Mylea was terrified the entire time that ChuckE was going to get her! Mylea was so concerned about ChuckE that she only played a few games. When she left, she kept asking if ChuckE was in the parking lot, if that was ChuckE's truck, and if ChuckE was going to follow her home.......You little stinker!!!!!

This afternoon, Mylea and I were watching home videos. Mylea absolutely loves the video of you two on the plane and shuttle bus heading to Disney. At one point in the video, you are making silly faces at the camera. Whenever this part comes on, Mylea makes the exact same silly faces. She then laughs and laughs at her silly sissy.

We also watched Mylea's 2nd birthday party this afternoon. I cracked up laughing when I saw you being a stinker! Mylea is opening presents and you are standing next to the cake. You quickly look at me and then daddy. When you realize that we are watching Mylea, you run your finger through the icing. Then you look back at me and daddy. Trying to be sneaky, you quickly lick your finger clean. This process goes on three times. On the third time, WeWe catches you with your finger in the cake. You very quickly flash a goofy smile while looking like a deer caught in the headlights. When WeWe walks off, you stick your finger back in the icing and then walk off to eat it. A few seconds later, you walk back by the cake, get some icing, and quickly walk little stinker!!!!

I love these funny memories! Nothing like a good laugh over ChuckE, your silly faces, and you stealing icing!

Love ya!

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