Friday, December 31, 2010


Leightyn Leightyn Leightyn,

All I can say is "What a Year!!!" One year ago, I would have imagined what 2010 had in store for us. I remember when you went to Disney and how excited you were. I was sad that I couldn't go with you, but I LOVED talking to you on the phone and hearing that smile and excitement in your voice as you talked to me about your days there. I will never forget when mommy told me on the phone the conversation that the two of you had when you found out you had to leave Disney... something like this... "but mom I don't wanna go home, cant we just stay here?" Then mommy asked you, "well what about daddy, don't you want to go and see daddy, he will miss us." without hesitating you told mommy "daddy can just come stay with us here!" I missed you guys so much that week, but little did I know that it couldn't even begin to compare to how much I would miss you now. about 196 days left......

In March, we all got dressed up and went to church for the deacon ordination. I was one honored and humbled man. To see you and Mylea and mommy setting there, well, it was such a blessing to me, to be called a husband and a father of such a great family that day. I sobbed like a baby giving my testimony and I am sure you was wondering what was wrong with me. I had realized how blessed I had been through out my life, I was so happy. You looked so beautiful in your yellow and blue dress. Mommy always did awesome at dressing you and Mylea. What a day that was, and not only a highlight of my year, but of my life. 144 days left ...........

We took you to a ball game in Springdale. It was so much fun. I was so proud that you got your first autographed baseball. That was a great time. Then, do you remember going shopping for mommy's birthday. You and Mylea had a blast picking out her presents. You would pick out some of the craziest, silliest, useless stuff. I had to veto quite a few options so we could narrow it down to stuff that she could actually get SOME use out of. Unlike the parrot hat and big glasses that you picked out for uncle Nigel for his birthday. You did so good at writing in mommy's card too. Then, the morning finally came when you got to give her the gifts that you and Mylea had picked out. That was a great day for me in 2010. To celebrate mommy's birthday and see the two of you so excited about it. 74 days left........

July was a busy month. We had the fourth and shot off fireworks at Jo and Grandad's. You and Mylea had a lot of fun picking out your fireworks with the money that Grandad gave you. The sparklers were fun, and the chicken was kind of a dud. The neighbors shot off fireworks for what seemed like forever. Then came the big 5. Your birthday, and party was a blast. There were SOOO many people there. You always had a blast on the water slides and there was no slowing you down. You got so many presents. Mommy did an awesome job at decorating the house for you birthday day. We left the decorations up for a while. Mommy and Jo took you and Mylea to Chuck E Cheese, and there is a picture of you and Mylea standing outside with your star glasses on. It breaks my heart to see that look on your face. You tried your best to smile, but it just wasn't you. I'm sorry. Lei ... you were such an amazing little girl and an awesome daughter. .....31 days left

I remember coming home form work one night, you came running to me and gave me that hug that I loved so much. You were so excited and told me you had fixed a dessert just for me. It melted my heart and I felt like I was on top of the world in that very moment. So, after supper you even got up and brought me dessert too me. I Love You SO much! That chocolate delight was the best dessert that I had ever tasted. Thank you for that memory. .....about 9 days left

We went to watch Beauty and the Beast in Fayetteville on Wednesday. You were so scared when it started. I don't know why. Once it started though, you got so into it. You sang every song and hung onto every word. I thank God for the opportunity for that memory. You absolutely LOVED Beauty and the Beast. Afterwards, we beat everybody back to the car (even though no one else knew we were racing) ..... 1 day left

As long as I live I will never forget my last night with you. I met momma at church and picked you and Mylea up. Then we headed to the mall to meet uncle We we, Wendy, and the kids. After staying there for a while we headed off to Cici's pizza. I think you and the rest of the kiddos spent like twenty dollars on games and candy. You ate and acted like such a big girl. We got home and all of you played. We got the video camera out and you were watching yourself make funny faces and you had the sweetest smile on your face. I don't why I got the camera out, but I truly believe it was a "God thing". I went to bed early, and momma said you came soon after me and we cuddled. .........about 8 hours left

What a year it was for you and our family, like momma said "you finally got to meet your Jesus". I still cant even begin to understand everything, but I know with all of my heart that God was in control and there with us (and still is) every step of the way. The rest of the year will be like the rest of our lives. Full of emotional ups and downs. Goods and bads.

Just want you to know that mommy and daddy miss you every single day, and we love you with all our hearts. We are still trying to come up with ways to keep your memory alive and well. You should see the shirts that we had printed up. We have sold close to one hundred. They turned out awesome.

Here's to a an amazing daughter, a here's to a new year, here's to waiting for that glorious day when we see you again.

Love you Lei Lei


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