Sunday, May 15, 2011

Little Lei Lei's 5K Memory Walk

Back in October and November, Landen and I began talking about using Leightyn's story to help others. We weren't sure what we would do and who we would help, but we came up with the idea of hosting a 5k and Memory Walk in Leightyn's memory. The idea was tossed around for a few months but we never did anything to get started on it.

During the Christmas holiday, Landen and I went with our youth group to the Children's Emergency Shelter to host a Christmas party. The youth bought presents to hand out and we sang Christmas songs. It was a great night that made an impression on us. After talking, Landen and I decided to use this race to benefit the shelter in Ft. Smith.

We decided to wait until after the holidays and our beach trip to get started on organizing the race. Let me say right now that Landen and I knew nothing about a 5k....we had never even been to one. I had to ask Landen how far a 5k was......that just tells you that we really had no clue what we were doing.

Finally in March we decided to get busy organizing. We went to people we knew and asked them to be sponsors. My dad did a great job getting his friends on board with the idea. My Uncle Bill and Aunt Darla have no problem asking any stranger for donations and to be a sponsor. They collected a ton of door prizes and sponsors.

The last two weeks have been busy busy busy for my mom and I. We had to get goody bags together, get the bibs for the runners, and make sure everyone got their shirts. We were blown away with the response we received from the community.

This past Saturday, May 14th, was race day. Landen and I were so excited for the day and also sad that it was almost over. The morning of the race was amazing. The sea of blue shirts looked awesome. We had over 300 participate in the race. We raised $9703.00 to give to the Children's Shelter. It was just an amazing day.

We can't wait to do it again next year!

Beware.....lots of pictures ....
Cousins racing to the end
A race to the finish line
Uncle WeWe was so proud of himself for finishing.
Sweet Momma Courtney and Sweet Bryson
Landen and Bro. comment on the picture :)
"Duppy" at the end
The McCain family. We met them a few months ago in Hot Springs. We attended a retreat for parents who have children in Heaven. Their story is very inspiring. They drove up from Hot Springs early Saturday morning. (I still need to post about the retreat)
Uncle Lloyd finishing up. I forgot to mention that the mile markers were pictures of Leightyn throughout the years. Lloyd (and many others) said that he never expected the pictures and it really reminded him why we were there.
People cheering the runners on.
Mylea's church friends
"Bette's Daddy" Mr Orville at the finish line. He loves our girls just like they are his own grandkids.
Neighbors Macy, Curtis, and Mady
Sweet Jenna.....Leightyn loved this little girl!
Sweet church ladies Ms Kathy and Ms Margaret
Landen's family
Waiting for door prizes
Our youth group did an awesome job helping at the finish line

Leightyn's fan club
Me and this girl!
Uncle Bill and Ms Debbie's group
Mylea cheering on the runners

My mom and day (Jo and Grandad or Big Toot)
Landen's family

Sweet church kids

Jonathan (JonBoy) and Josh.....they are awesome with Leightyn and Mylea

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  1. Looks like you had an amzing turn out! we were out of town love following your blog!